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CS Manager by Apex Custom Software

Company Description:

Apex Custom Software is a boutique software development firm with extensive knowledge and understanding of both inpatient and outpatient retail pharmacy operations.

Product Overview:

CS Manager is a cost-effective and user-friendly electronic alternative to the outdated paper CII logbook used by pharmacies throughout the country. It ensures that pharmacies meet inventory control regulations centered on controlled substances while decreasing issues related to theft and diversion. CS Manager helps your pharmacy save time, money, and increase employee satisfaction while adhering to the strict regulations regarding Controlled Substance Management.

Value Proposition:

  • Eliminate the risk of record legibility and calculation errors from tracking CIIs on paper
  • Increase tracking and documentation efficiency, providing more time for other pharmacy tasks
  • Make CII workflow tracking more enjoyable for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians
  • Decrease theft and diversion problems related to controlled substances
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