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Inventory Assistant by Apex Custom Software

Company Description:

Apex Custom Software is a boutique software development firm with extensive knowledge and understanding of both inpatient and outpatient retail pharmacy operations.

Product Overview:

Inventory Assistant is a web-based inventory tracking system that allows Health Centers to comply with 340B regulatory requirements related to the documentation and tracking of clinic-administered medications. Most Health Centers rely upon manual processes to satisfy this requirement or are deficient in complying with regulatory requirements. Inventory Assistant ensures that your Health Center is compliant with 340B regulations while saving you time and money. All drugs are recorded accurately with a lot number and expiration date upon receipt, administration, and dispensation.

Value Proposition:

  • Eliminate the need to manually track clinic-administered medications with a reliable, cost-effective, and user-friendly alternative
  • Ensure your clinic(s) comply with grant requirements, without the need to double-check accuracy, and legibility of a paper log
  • Prevent diversion of medications purchased at 340B discounted pricing
  • In the event of a drug recall or audit, quickly and easily refer to your dispensing history to pinpoint any medications or dispenses in question
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