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Company Description:

Datarithm focuses exclusively on pharmacy inventory management by providing a cloud-based inventory management tool that interfaces with your Pharmacy Management System (PMS).

Product Overview:

Dispensing data from your PMS is applied against Datarithm’s proprietary algorithms to optimize order point and order quantity. Sophisticated math-modeling keeps precise track of your entire inventory to identify deficiencies and surpluses. Datarithm helps reduce operational costs, elevate profit, and improve cash flow while ensuring the highest levels of customer service.

Value Proposition:

  • Reduce capital outlay required to ensure that you have the inventory your customers require
  • Improve cashflow by increasing inventory turns, resulting in a healthier bottom line
  • Peace of mind knowing that your pharmacy inventory is where it needs to be
  • Save time performing inventory management tasks
  • Datarithm serves as an effective bridge to implementing perpetual inventory functionality by automatically setting Order Point and Order Quantity

Customer Testimonials:

"Within ten minutes of going live, I pulled $10,000 worth of dead stock that I didn’t know I had on my shelves. Over a 3 month period of time, I managed to reduce my inventory $100,000 and be able to keep it down since then."
– Steve Spruill, Owner of Maddox Drugs in Toccoa, GA

"Reception to customer feedback and willingness to consistently and constantly improve their software will keep Datarithm® thriving and vibrant for years to come. The 20-25% reduction in inventory overhead and ease of inventory management simply become the icing on the cake."
– Kyle Yoder, PharmD, Pharmacist Manager of Moose Salisbury Pharmacy in Salisbury, NC

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