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XchangePoint by PharmaPoint

Company Description:

PharmaPoint is an innovative, technology-enabled pharmacy management and software company. Through the management of outpatient retail pharmacies for hospitals, health systems and physician groups, their commitment to completing the care continuum results in improved patient health and satisfaction, reduced healthcare costs, and provides clients with a source of ancillary income. PharmaPoint has been recognized as one of the most innovative, inspiring, and fastest-growing private companies for six consecutive years (2013-2018) by Inc. Magazine.

Product Overview:

XchangePoint is a web-enabled medication optimization system used for medication reconciliation and/or discharge prescription processing, i.e. Meds-to-Beds. XchangePoint is comprised of three modules, which can be implemented independently or simultaneously.

XchangePoint MedAction – Integrated workflow management for medication optimization XchangePoint MedLink – Integrated workflow management for medication reconciliation XchangePoint MedTransition – Integrated workflow management for transitions of care

Value Proposition:

  • Proactively drive improved adherence for better outcomes and reduced readmission risk, particularly for high-risk patient populations
  • Simplify patient outreach post-discharge as part of a transitions of care program
  • Operationalize “Meds to Beds” workflow
  • Provide a complete and accurate pharmacy-led medication reconciliation process
  • Create an optimal patient experience for improved HCAHPS scores
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