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PickPoint® Remote
Dispensing System

Company Description:

PickPoint® is a technology leader that has brought innovative tools to the outpatient retail pharmacy market, including the PickPoint® Will Call and Remote Dispensing Systems. PickPoint® is a division of Maxor National Pharmacy Services, a powerhouse that provides a range of services through various divisions, which include pharmacy management services; specialty, home infusion therapy, and mail-order services; 340B third party administration; and pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services.

Product Overview:

The Joint Commission requires that all prescriptions undergo pharmacist verification prior to dispensing or administration, which can be challenging for remote clinics or emergency rooms. PickPoint®’s Remote Dispensing System (RDS) allows remote locations to meet this requirement and dispense onsite. RDS is a secure medication storage system that is installed in high patient-traffic areas that do not warrant a separate in-house pharmacy. It ties into prescription fulfillment activities within your in-house retail pharmacy operation, allowing for expanded use of labor and lower cost of providing prescription services to your clientele. The RDS dispensing process is as follows:

  • Patient presents valid prescription to a healthcare worker proximate to where the RDS is located.
  • Prescription is transmitted and authorized by your in-house pharmacy.
  • Back at the RDS location, a patient-specific label is generated. Prescription authorization automatically unlocks the prescribed medication and places it into the RDS cabinet dispense queue.
  • The healthcare worker scans patient-specific label and provider ID badge, triggering the medication to dispense from the RDS cabinet.
  • The healthcare worker retrieves the pre-packaged medication from the cabinet and scans its barcode to verify that it is the correct medication while validating expiration date.
  • The patient-specific prescription label is affixed to the medication, which is dispensed to the patient.
  • The patient can have a 2-way video conference with the telePharmacy to discuss any questions or concerns they might have, achieving the same standard of care no matter where you are dispensing medications.

Value Proposition:

  • Expand access to prescription services in a cost-effective and convenient manner through remote dispensing by members of your healthcare team
  • Increase patient satisfaction by eliminating the need to send patients to an off-site pharmacy or wait for medications to arrive from the hospital
  • Deliver on your promise of quality by ensuring the same safeguards are in place through a remote dispensing model that exists at your in-house pharmacy
  • Utilize remote dispensing as an incremental step in your organization’s retail pharmacy growth strategy

Customer Testimonials:

"As a pharmacist, nothing gives you peace of mind like an assurance that the patient received the right drug at the right time. In rural Alaska, it’s a big challenge for us to provide pharmacy services and products to multiple remote villages. I struggled with that for years until PickPoint brought the ultimate solution to that problem with their barcode-proof RDS system."
- Freddy R. Kaniki, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy, Alaska Rural Hospital

Remote Dispensing System Video:

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