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PickPoint® Will Call System

Company Description:

PickPoint® is a technology leader that has brought innovative tools to the outpatient retail pharmacy market, including the PickPoint® Will Call and Remote Dispensing Systems. PickPoint® is a division of Maxor National Pharmacy Services, a powerhouse that provides a range of services through various divisions, which include pharmacy management services; specialty, home infusion therapy, and mail-order services; 340B third party administration; and pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services.

Product Overview:

PickPoint® pioneered the use of Pick-to-Light technology for automating storage, retrieval, and return-to-stock of prescriptions within the Will Call area. PickPoint® is the leading solution for pharmacies looking to improve inventory management and organize their will call area.

PickPoint's Will Call System is the industry’s first LED light-guided will call system and will help your pharmacies easily identify patients, save time on return to stock and retrievals, and increase productivity and sell-through. PickPoint® will help your pharmacies improve patient safety and elevate your customer’s experience by virtually eliminating errors and decreasing patient wait time at pick-up. The system is user-friendly, easy to install, and can be integrated with your current pharmacy management and POS systems or used in a standalone format.

Value Proposition:

  • Improve patient safety by eliminating comingling of prescriptions and handout errors
  • Improve customer experience through reduced wait times
  • Save time for pharmacy staff through expedited processes for loading, retrieval, and RTS
  • Better utilize inventory through the ability to pinpoint specific medications when its necessary to borrow from Will Call to complete a prescription for a waiting customer
  • Simplify the Will Call process for your pharmacists and reduce labor costs

Customer Testimonials:

“With PickPoint, our ability to service our patients as they walk up for their prescriptions has greatly improved. We are saving on average one minute per prescription. The integration of PickPoint into our system has been seamless. We have been able to incorporate our central fill operations, and the staff training was very, very, easy. The PickPoint system has exceeded my expectations. I did not anticipate how fast we would have a return on investment with this system.”
- Nicole Shoquist, PharmD, MBA, Chief Pharmacy Officer at JPS Health Network

"We were looking for a cost effective way to improve our will call process and the Pickpoint WCS solved most the issues we were dealing with. The WCS provided efficiency and safety during dispensing. Our prescription retrieval and patient wait times were reduced significantly. Our technicians used to dread to do RTS because it was so cumbersome and time consuming. Now RTS is just a walk in the park. Bottom line, the system created value for our patients and pharmacy staff."
- Eric Djassa, Chief Pharmacist, Winslow Indian Health Care Center

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