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RapidPakRx™ by RxSafe

Company Description:

RxSafe is a true innovator in pharmacy automation. Its initial product (RxSafe 1800™) reestablished how robotics can be applied to improve operational efficiency, quality, and security of the prescription fulfillment process. The RapidPakRx™ is a continuation of resetting the bar for automated compliance packaging in pouch/strip form.

Product Overview:

The market is moving away from traditional vial filling toward patient-specific, adherence packaging in pouch/strip form. RapidPakRx™ stands out as the technology and industry leader for its unique ability to provide universal cartridges and integrated visual inspection capabilities.

The RapidPakRx™ is an automated compliance packaging device that dispenses patient-specific orders in a pouch/strip form. RapidPakRx™ provides unrivaled medication safety and accuracy, labor efficiency, and system throughput. RapidPakRx™ helps pharmacies increase revenue without burdening the pharmacy with duplicate inventory requirements. RapidPakRx™ leverages a unique 3-step integrated machine vision verification system to ensure the right medication is filled every single time.

Value Proposition:

  • Increase revenue by increasing medication compliance with your current customers while attracting new ones based upon differentiated prescription services
  • Protect your existing business and grow your market share from others that either don’t see or refuse to acknowledge the market shift toward patient-specific pouch/strip adherence packaging
  • Less on-hand inventory is required
  • Utilize lower-cost consumable supplies
  • Integrated visual inspection eliminates the need for tedious manual verification processes and/or a separate device for product verification
  • Improve ease of cleaning and long-term maintenance with less downtime and associated labor costs
  • Small physical footprint makes it easy to implement in nearly any pharmacy
  • Improve clinical outcomes by simplifying your customers medication regimen

Customer Testimonials:

“One of the things we liked about the RapidPakRx was that the cartridges are universal for all tablets. Previously, we had to worry about getting new canisters or changing out parts for it to make it work, but with the RapidPakRx, you just have a couple sizes of canisters and it works for any tablet that you have.”
- Nilesh Patolia, Owner of AUM Pharmacy

“I’m recommending RapidPakRx because I’ve seen each and every product that’s out there and it’s just far superior to anything that’s in our industry today.”
- Trey Crawford, Owner of Diket’s Crawford Professional Drugs

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