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RxSafe 1800™ by RxSafe

Company Description:

RxSafe is a true innovator in pharmacy automation. Its initial product (RxSafe 1800™) reestablished how robotics can be applied to improve operational efficiency, quality, and security of the prescription fulfillment process. The RapidPakRx™ is a continuation of resetting the bar for automated compliance packaging in pouch/strip form.

Product Overview:

RxSafe 1800™ is a completely different approach to robotic automation in retail pharmacy. The system provides automated storage and retrieval of medication stock bottles with a system capacity of 1200 to 1800 containers (stock bottles or RTS vials) per tower. Pharmacies have a choice between one, two, or three-tower system configurations based upon their on-hand inventory and prescription volume requirements.

Value Proposition:

  • Time savings for pharmacy staff in three key areas:
    • Expedited processes for receiving and loading incoming inventory
    • Counting and pouring at rates up to 120 prescriptions per hour by a single operator
    • Eliminate time-consuming tasks required to ensure precise record-keeping of controlled medications
  • Optimize inventory through item-level tracking
  • Eliminate theft and diversion through locked and secured medication storage
  • Decrease on-hand inventory by 15% to 30% while increasing inventory turns
  • Tracking date codes to avoid expired drugs
  • 33% less pharmacy floor space is required to store medications

Customer Testimonials:

“I’ve seen improvement in several areas of the pharmacy since we introduced the RxSafe. Productivity has increased, inventory control has improved, we’ve saved money on labor and our accuracy is exceptional. With RxSafe, accountability is built in to the prescription processing workflow. We don’t have concerns about accuracy or diversion since we added it to our pharmacy – those have been eliminated.”
- Gabriel Guijarro, Owner, The Medicine Shoppe

“Our ROI was roughly a year for this machine, mainly because I didn’t have to move and that savings was pretty up front for us. Even after the first year you’re constantly seeing increases to our bottom line in terms of profitability.”
- Ken Thai, Owner, El Monte

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