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Trellis Rx

Company Description:

Health systems have a unique opportunity to enhance their patients’ experiences with specialty medications. But building a successful specialty pharmacy service presents a unique set of challenges. Trellis Rx partners with health systems nationwide to develop clinically-integrated specialty pharmacy services that create exceptional clinical and financial outcomes.

Value Proposition:

  • Trellis Rx embeds specialized pharmacists and liaisons within your health system to provide personalized, local support for your patients and providers under your brand ensuring patients can access and adhere to their therapies
  • Trellis Rx shifts the risk of building or growing a specialty pharmacy service by creating a performance-based partnership where their success is tied directly to yours
  • Trellis Rx’s expertise (including strategies for health plan and limited distribution drug (LDD) access) drives speed-to-market, accelerated growth, and results in exceptional outcomes for patients and a trusted partnership for your physicians.

Characteristics of Trellis Rx Customers:

  • Developing a plan to expand specialty pharmacy services
  • Preparing to accelerate existing services across new specialties or patient groups
  • Focusing on reducing cost of care through medication access and adherence
  • Striving for accelerated revenue and margin growth

Customer Testimonials:

“Working with Trellis Rx has accelerated the growth of our specialty pharmacy. In less than 9 months, we have increased revenue over 80% and grown our services by gaining access to numerous LDDs. With the support of the Trellis Rx team, we are now also part of the specialty pharmacy network for our largest commercial payor giving us the opportunity to support even more patients in our market.”
– Paul Krogh, System Director – Pharmacy Services, North Memorial Health

“Trellis Rx has focused on building a specialty pharmacy service to meet our needs – and it’s worked. I was looking for a partner, not just a vendor, and I found that in Trellis Rx."
– Rory Phillips, Director of Pharmacy and Respiratory Care, Southern Ohio Medical Center

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