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Eyecon™ by Avery Weigh-Tronix

Company Description:

Avery Weigh-Tronix (AWTX) pioneered the use of visual counting technology through the introduction of the Eyecon Visual Pill Counter. AWTX continues its track record of innovation through the addition of product enhancements, including workload balancing and telePharmacy functionality.

Product Overview:

Eyecon™ is the market leader in counter-top pill counting technology through its unrivaled speed, accuracy, and audit capabilities. Eyecon™ utilizes visual counting technology to save time in counting medications with 99.99% accuracy. It is the preferred choice of pharmacies looking to save time, ensure medication and patient safety, improve inventory management processes, and enhance controlled substance management capabilities. The Eyecon™ can be used with various modes of operation to include Count-Only Mode, Barcode Validation Mode, and PMS Interface Mode. Many pharmacies consider the Eyecon™ to be the single most impactful automation tool for their prescription fulfillment, inventory management, and controlled substance management processes.

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Value Proposition:

  • Fastest and most accurate countertop pill-counting technology on the market
  • Unique in its ability to capture and record tray photo images for an audit trail for every prescription filled
  • Easy to use and easy to learn
  • Cycle counting streamlines the inventory reconciliation process between actual inventory and inventory recorded in the PMS
  • Time savings in counting and pouring

Customer Testimonials:

"The Eyecon™ is probably the best investment we have made. It’s accurate, fast, & quiet. We have an electronic record of the pills counted on it. It gives us a “tech check” step during the filling process. It integrates with our pharmacy software system, as well. Overall, a great product!"
– Lisa Gardner, R.Ph., Owner at Corner Drug Store in Melbourne, AR

"The Eyecon™ is truly a game changing addition to our pharmacy. It has virtually reduced our counting errors to zero. My favorite feature is the digital image that it captures. Nothing like the look on a customer’s face when you show them the tray image on a “questionable” miscount… PRICELESS!"
– Larry Kaufman, R.Ph., Owner at Smith Brothers Pharmacy in Maple Shade, NJ

"I have three pharmacies and an Eyecon in each location. Everyone loves it and would not want to work without it. Hands down this is the best investment in technology that I have ever made."
– Barry Freely, R.Ph., Owner at Medicine Man North Pharmacy in Hayden, ID

"We love our Eyecon. We had been having problems with quantities especially on Hydrocodone & Oxycodone prescriptions. I saw the Eyecon at a trade show & thought this is the cure. Sure enough it was. The backup pictures put an end to complaints. We also love using it for our larger quantity prescriptions."
– Jim Matthews, R.Ph., Owner at Matthews Health Mart in Clinton, NC

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